Ancient Egyptian Zodiac Silver

Ancient Egyptian Zodiac Silver

Made according to your selection of Planet and Zodiac Sign

Astrology Talisman to Connect you with your Zodiac sign and Planet

Please note - Planet and Zodiac sign Selection:
In this design, we make your pendant according to your selection of planet and Zodiac sign. Please send us your selection by replying to the confirmation email after making the order or writing it down in the comment box on the order form.

Over the years, I've received many requests for making the astrological zodiac signs and planets. I always declined these requests because there are so many pieces of jewelry with these symbols that I didn't think that I could contribute anything artistic that would be interesting enough.

That was until a few weeks ago I read an archeological essay about the planets in ancient Egypt and their meaning. The beautiful images of both the zodiac signs and the planets can be found at the ceiling of the ancient Denera temple complex, which was dedicated to the Hathor, the ancient goddess of fertility, motherhood, healing, and childbirth.

These beautiful images were the ones I was looking for, and so I've decided to make these pendants with historically accurate images of the ancient Egyptian planet's symbols and astrological signs.

From a historical timeline perspective, many of these images kept their meaning throughout the millenniums. For example, Mercury was depicted as Thoth, the scriber of the gods, the god of wisdom, knowledge, and magic. In ancient Greek, he became Hermes, and in Rome, Mercury, with the same meaning and significance.

To make it interesting, you can choose your own favourite match of planet and zodiac sign.

The ones in the photos depict, for example, the planets in their exalted state. From a traditional astrological perspective, a planet is more potent in a sign in which it's exalted. The attributed qualities of a planet are enhanced, and in this state, a planet has its most potent expression and potential.

Here's a list of the planetary exaltation in each sign:

Personalization with our Astrologer Option
There is an option to personalize the Talisman with our Astrologer, Michael Ofek. Michael will identify the planet and zodiac sign and a powerful time for assembly. Please contact us for more information and pricing of this option.

As seen in some of the pictures, the pendant can go well with the Royal handmade woven necklaces, which are available in both gold and silver in various stone options.

Anciet Egypt Zodiac pendant with Royal handmade woven necklaces

Example together with the Royal handmade woven necklaces