Incrusté oeuf de vie étoile

Incrusté oeuf de vie étoile

Un Symbole de Santé, Fertilité et Equilibre

Emplit votre vie d'équilibre personnel, bonne santé et fertilité

The inlaid Egg of life pendant is a two-dimensional version of the shape called the Egg of Life. The shape is composed of eight spheres. If we were to draw a line between the centers, we would get a three-dimensional Star of David.

The Egg of Life shape is the shape of the multi-cellular embryo in its first hours.

The Egg of Life shape is the second stage of a structure known as the Seed of Life, before the flower of life stage. These shapes contain the mathematical/geometrical base of the creation. The Egg of life includes the whole musical world within it because the length between the spheres gives us the basic musical scale of a tone and half a tone.

The Egg of Life pendant is used for balance, health and as a symbol of fertility.