Le MAGEN AVOT pendentif argent

Le MAGEN AVOT pendentif argent

Un symbole de protection et de croyance au plan cosmique

Apporte la protection et la vision du plan cosmique

In the center of The MAGEN AVOT pendant is engraved the name of Abraham, surrounded by the names of the fathers and the mothers.
It is interesting to see that by taking the first letters of the names of the Fathers and the mothers – we receive the name Israel.

Judaism emphasizes the idea of a cosmic plan as reflected in the prophecies given to the fathers and the mothers. We can also see this in the fact the name of the last father, the father of the twelve tribes is Israel (formerly Jacob), containing all the names of the fathers and mothers that came before him.

The number of letters in the fathers’ names is 13, as is the number of letters in the mothers’ names, giving us the number 26 – equal in gematria to G-D’s full name. We can also see the cosmic plan in G-D’s revelations to the fathers like when he shows Abraham all that is about to happen to him. Many believe that within the Torah is encrypted the key to future events.

The pendent comes to emphasize the existence of a cosmic plan and the belief in it. The expression “Fathers’ protector” appears in many Jewish prayers and is one of G-D’s names. The confidence of one that is in a perception of cosmic unity comes for the understanding of his place in the big plan.

The pendant symbolizes protection and belief in the cosmic plan.