Labyrinthe pendentif or

Labyrinthe pendentif or

Dévoile le chemin vers les dimensions supérieures et le secret des sept étapes.

Le Labyrinthe aux sept circonvolutions facilite laccès à la voie de développement vers les dimensions supérieures par lamour inconditionnel.

The sevenfold Labyrinth - Secret path to higher dimensions

This labyrinth is an ancient symbol and can be found in many places in the world.
It is a spiritual symbol of growth and development.  The seven stages of the labyrinth represent the stages in spiritual development as well as the 7 chakras and energetic centers of our bodies.

The number seven exists from the first structure of creation as seen in the Seed of Life. It is composed of seven dissecting circles. This formation is the basis of all creation.

The human body has seven major energy centers called the chakras. We experience reality through our chakras. The chakras also represent the way we grow. For example:
The first chakra is connected to our survival instinct.
The second chakra is connected to our sexuality,
The third is connected to ambition and the longing for strength and power.
The fourth chakra conveys unconditional love.
The other three chakras are (upper ones) can be accessed by spiritual practice.

Between the three lower centers and the three upper higher ones, there is a separation that can be crossed by spiritual practices.

What makes the labyrinth so special is that if you go into it you are able to experience the charkas in the following order:
You go straight to the third turn - the third chakra.
Then the second turn - the second chakra.
Then you find yourself in the first turn - the first chakra.
At this stage, there is a jump from the lower levels of reality perception to the higher levels through the fourth center - the heart.

The experience of unconditional love allows us to move on to the higher levels. Therefore the key is always unconditional love.

The pendant facilitates a development path to the higher dimensions of the universe that is always reached through universal love.