Anneau grue Japonaise or

Anneau grue Japonaise or

Symbole japonais de beauté et de paix

Apporte la beauté et la paix à celui ou celle qui le porte à travers deux symboles japonais : la grue et le cerisier en fleurs

 Japanese cranes ring

The Japanese crane ring contains two beautiful Japanese symbols – the crane and the cherry blossoming. 

The crane is a symbol of inner peace, beauty, loyalty, and longevity. In some Asians cultures, the crane represents eternal life.

The cherry blossoming (The Sakura) is one of the important Japanese yearly events. It is celebrated during the Hanami festival. According to the Buddhist tradition, the cherry blossoming symbolizes life’s temporariness. It is also a symbol of great love, good luck, and revival.

The Beautiful crane ring is made out of David’s intention to bring the wearer inner peace, beauty, good luck and love in life.