Anneau de victoire or

Anneau de victoire or

La déesse Victoria sur le devant et (Dare to be Great (Osez etre grand) Gravé sur le dos

La déesse Victoria sur le devant et « Dare to be Great » (Osez être grand) gravé sur le dos

At the centre of the ring appears the symbol of Victoria – the goddess of victory (She is the Roman equivalent of the Greek goddess Nike). On the back of the ring(or sides of the ring) is the engraved sentence – "Dare to be Great," chosen from a contest on Facebook between my fans and friends. The sentence was brought by Mr. Andrew Kaminski.

I've gathered for you some of the basic principles which led me time and again to meaningful achievements in many fields such as art, music and the many aspects of my personal life. These rules are the secret and the knowledge that I use on a daily basis.

The next set of principles will help you to achieve your goals and fulfill your destiny, whether it is to become a successful writer, a skillful musician, an athlete, start your own world peace movement or raise a healthy family.

Achieving Victory – The Rules:

Define the Goals
The first rule is that we must define a goal which we want to reach. If you don't have a goal, how will you get there? Here are three questions that may help you define your goals (Thank you, Mr. Amir Hardoof, for the clear definition):
Where am I today?
Where do I want to be?
How will I get there?
Finding your goals is a process which sometimes takes refinement. We must stop and ask ourselves – what is really important to us in life? Layer by layer, we may find the true answer that will supply a decent and deserved cause. One must learn to define long-term goals and short-term goals which are more realistic.

A Need to Succeed
The urge to succeed does not come from wanting but from being in a state of need. You must find what motivates you and find the factor that creates a need to succeed. Many times in life, the need comes from a negative experience that enhances the need to succeed and to prove to the world and to ourselves that we can.

After we have defined our goals, we must strive for them with constant persistence. In that context, one must beware of persistence that lacks the love of what we do. This will lead us in the end to becoming indifferent and to inertia – which are the greatest enemies of victory and success.

You must love what you do!

Find Your Destiny
I believe our destiny is revealed to us in our childhood and is forgotten by most of us as a result of the "education system" and the influence of our close environment. Our destiny appears during our childhood as a certain talent and as our fields of interest as children. I remember my love of nature, art ancient cultures and archaeology and my tendency towards art – all of these factors led me to what I do today.

Our Environment
"The loneliness of the distance runner……"
Our environment is one of the greatest barriers to victory and success. The people we love most and who care for us are often the ones who will stop us from achieving our goals. I remember when I made my first design and showed it to someone. He declared knowingly "You don't have a chance to sell even a single piece…" Since that day, my jewelry has reached every corner of the world and made a huge impact on people's lives. When I examined the reason for this repetitive behaviour, I discovered that most people have a basic fear of failure - so they don't even try and prefer to stay in what is known as a "comfort zone," which leads to mediocrity, which is the biggest barrier to success.
When someone from the outside tries to achieve something meaningful in his/her life or to reach an important goal, it threatens other people's "comfort zone," and they will try to stop you. Therefore, you must change the environment and always take advice from those who are exactly where you want to be.

1+1=10 - Recruit People to Your Goal
Recruit people to your goal. Fruitful cooperation can bring great results. Teamwork will promote you to your goals with great power. One of the best examples of teamwork was the last US elections. Obama used the internet and social networks and encouraged the people to join him and donate a small amount of money for his campaign. McCain, on the other hand, used the conventional ways and asked the financial elite –a small number of billionaires for donations. The result was that Obama created a team of millions and recruited them for his goal. Eventually, the numbers and amounts that Obama received from the people for his campaign were much higher and led Obama to Victory.

You are Your Most Valuable Asset
 Since you are your most valuable asset, your time is your most precious resource. You can check if you are using your time wisely with the following exercise:
Divide your time into four parts:
1. Urgent and important (for example, finishing a project on schedule, taking care of a health issue, helping our children and family...)
2. Not important and urgent (unimportant phone calls, emails, meetings, etc…)
3. Important and not urgent (setting our goals, learning, making plans, spending quality time with our family and children...)
4. Not urgent and not important (watching TV, spending our time on endless shopping, or addictive online games…)
Among all four, number 3 is the only one that will lead us to our goal –only there will we find the factors, elements, and processes that will lead us to our destiny and goal.
Number 1 is important, but these are immediate assignments.
The reason that we spend so much time in number 2 is because of the sense of urgency – we build ourselves an artificial world of Pavlovian reactions that we tend to forget to focus on the things that are really important to us.

It is the lighthouse that shows us the way. Without knowledge, we will never know how to get to our goal. Attaining relevant knowledge in our field is a must.

Surround yourself with inspirational resources like books, stories, and movies of people who did it. The reason I created these jewels in the first place was to share and bring inspiration and to remind us what we strive for.

We fear failure. That fear can paralyze us and prevent us from reaching our goals. We must overcome our fears through the process of growing toward success. I find the obstacle lacking the courage to be the biggest barrier of all. That is why I have chosen the sentence "Dare to be Great" and engraved it on the ring and pendant…