Tarot Lovers Card Pendant Silver

Tarot Lovers Card Pendant Silver

A symbol of love and the importance of relationship to our spiritual growth

Reminds the wearer of the role of relationship in our journey to become complete

Tarot Lovers Card Pendant

The Pendant is based on the Tarot Card series by Karyn Easton.

The seventh card in the Major Arcana. It is usually numbered 6.

The Lovers card reflects the marriage of the emperor and the Empress. Deep harmony and archetypal unity between the male and the female. The lovers card is a reflection of the self-awareness process of learning the male and female elements inside of us.

The meaning
The lover cards is a reminder that we need others to continue growing and developing. Lovers, friends, partners and teachers all teach us about our self. The Lovers card reminds us of required balance in order for a relationship to work. The card indicates a specific relationship in our life. A relationship that brings both sides to a place where they have to work on themselves.

Our relationships are external reflections of inners processes. We draw to our life what complements us and reflects our inner being. It is a perfect merge of opposites, but the real meaning of it is that we are in a relationship that allows us to grow to a whole cosmic being without the need of an external figure to complete us. We must investigate the saying that opposites attract, to learn what is it in our partner that attracts us. With that awareness, we can grow to the stage where we don’t need someone else to feel complete. This is the real meaning of a good relationship. Not to use what others have but to learn from them to develop our self.