Saturn Talisman Silver (*Sold Out!*)

Saturn Talisman Silver (*Sold Out!*)

New Edition July 2012! - Powerful focus talisman. Made at time when Saturn is at its sign of exaltation.

To harness the powers of Saturn to bring order and focus to our lives.

Saturn Talisman Silver (*Sold Out!*)

Sold Out!A rare opportunity to recreate the Saturn talisman

Design and developed with the Astrologer - Michael Ofek

On July the 29th 2012 between 11:40-12:30, I was able to recreate the Saturn talisman while Saturn was in an optimal position in accordance with his exalted state in Libra. In this state, Saturn gives stamina, and inner discipline, it gives the power to achieve goals, in the most practical way, to build with foresight and grounded realism whatever you envision, making the vision a reality. It helps those who are lacking focus in their life, management, career etc...

Saturn talisman is a very powerful talisman, and many ancient authorities relate to it as such. It is known in the old tradition that when Saturn is in its places of dignity (the signs he rules and its exaltation) it gives the power to form and shape one's life, the power of determination, diligence, perseverance, persistence and maintenance of one accomplishment. It gives the power of resistance to intrusive forces and from disintegration.

Saturn Talisman is a talisman of crystallization, order and structure.

Due to Saturn’s preservative power and stamina, It is said that Saturn Talisman can cure many illnesses, especially those that have to do with the loss of order in the body (cancer for instance) and the weakening of structure, decaying of bones, dropsy, paralysis and more. It is a talisman for long life.

In ancient times, Saturn was believed to be so strong that in battle, armies would display a Saturn Talisman to prevent the enemy from entering.

Because of Saturn’s association with the arcane and old wisdom, some authors say that this talisman gives powers of attaining secret knowledge, sorcery and magic, and powerful concentration skills.