Jupiter Pisces Talisman Ring Silver (*Limited Edition*)

Jupiter Pisces Talisman Ring Silver (*Limited Edition*)

Assembled on April the 8th 2022 between 10:34 - 11:35. With Amethyst the Stone ruled by Jupiter.

Bring success, abundance and optimism as well as spiritual capacities and connection to higher knowledge.

Jupiter Pisces Talisman Ring Silver (*Limited Edition*)

Assembled on April the 8th 2022 between 10:34 - 11:35 am (Givataim, Israel, GMT+3)

The ring is adorned with the magical characters of Jupiter. The stone on top is amethyst which is ruled by Jupiter. Beneath the stone, I've placed a piece of tin-the traditional metal ruled by Jupiter ( alongside gold) with three plants that are ruled by Jupiter as well: anise, bay leaf, and sage.

These election windows feature Jupiter in Pisces either rising or culminating, while the Moon is waxing in its own sign of Cancer, which is also the sign of Jupiter Exaltation. Furthermore, the waxing Moon is gradually applying to Jupiter in a trine aspect, harmoniously translating his virtues while increasing its light. Jupiter is also a morning planet (rising in the morning before sunrise), in the most vital opening phases of its synodic cycle with the Sun.

This special weekend also featured Jupiter applying to the conjunction with Neptune, which is also in Pisces (the sign associated with both Jupiter and Neptune). This is a very rare occurrence indeed, as Jupiter takes about 13 years to reach Neptune, while Neptune takes around 165 years to cycle the zodiac. Their last conjunction in Pisces occurred in 1856! This Historical conjunction adds a transcendental magical flare and serves as a powerful door to higher spiritual dimensions, inspiration, rarified intuition, and heart-opening compassion.

These elections also feature the Sun in its exaltation degree (8th of April), and Venus exalted in Pisces (Jupiter rules Pisces).

For the ancients, Jupiter was considered ‘The Great Benefic’, the most gracious and bountiful of all the planets. Jupiter signifies the principle of augmentation, generating prolific powers of growth, in mind, body and soul. He is the bringer of abundance and support and guides to the realms of higher wisdom and understanding.