What Were You Made for Ring Gold

What Were You Made for Ring Gold

Based on a five minutes ritual to find happiness and meaning in life

Remind the wearer to focus on finding their own purpose in life.

What Were You Made for Ring

What Were You Made For?
This is the ring version of one of your favourite pieces of jewelry that I designed a few years ago. I heard this phrase from Haim Algranati (a great luthier who crafts brilliant guitars and lives in London). In a documentary movie, he said that each day he stops for 5 minutes and focuses on those five words - What were you made for? This ritual helps him find happiness and meaning in his life.

The happiest among us are the ones who managed to give their life meaning. Some people see this approach as deterministic, one that says each one of us was made for a purpose. I prefer the perception that people are the ones who cast meaning on their life through self-realization, creativity, and courage.

There are many pathways to finding our own purpose. Finding purpose in life is a personal journey that involves reflecting on your values, passions, and what brings you fulfillment. Set meaningful goals aligned with your interests, explore new experiences outside your comfort zone, and consider past experiences that have brought you joy. Seek inspiration from others who have found purpose, engage in self-reflection practices for personal growth, and find ways to contribute and make a positive impact on others. Embrace resilience and adaptability, and surround yourself with supportive people who can provide guidance and encouragement. Remember that finding purpose is an ongoing process of exploration and discovery, allowing room for growth and evolution throughout life.

Finding one's purpose is also finding the real meaning of life, which is love. No one on his deathbed feels sorry for not making enough money or for not staying late at the office. It's all about our relationships and the way our actions "echo" with each other.

I hope that those of you who will buy and wear the ring will stop every once in a while and ask yourself if you are on the right path.