Eingelegter David stern Silber

Eingelegter David stern Silber

Ein starkes Symbol des Schutzes

Brings the wearer great feeling of self confidence, security and balance

The "Star of David" is known in Hebrew as Magen David, which literally means the "shield of David," apparently from the popular notion that the Beloved King of Israel wore this symbol on his shields, although there is no evidence that this is true.

The symbol was used in Israel in Roman times, but it seems to have become particularly associated with Judaism only in later centuries.

In the 17th century, it became a popular practice to put the Star of David on the outside of synagogues, to identify them as Jewish houses of worship; however, it is not clear why this symbol was selected for this. Today the Star of David is a universally recognized symbol of Jews. It appears on the flag of the state of Israel, and the Israeli equivalent of the Red Cross is known as the Magen David Adom.