Ring der Liebe Silber

Ring der Liebe Silber

Ein scheinendes Symbol der Einigkeit und Liebe

Finden Sie Liebe, Akzeptanz and Ganzheit in Ihrem Leben

Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself

The Hebrew Sentence on the Ring of Love says “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself”. This sentence is famous because of Rabbi Akiva who lived in the Land of Israel under the reign of the Roman occupation and considered this saying/teaching as the highest of all commandments.

Unconditional love indicates total balance that is a result of oneness/ cosmic unity, and a deep understanding that the meaning of creation is love. Free Unconditional love is the basis of all and the path for healing ourselves and the world.

The perception of unity, that another person (or any living being) is part of you or your reflection, is the key to wholeness, as opposed to the perception of separation, that brings chaos and war.
The Hebrew letters in this ring are the same Hebrew fonts used during the time of Rabbi Akiva and I took these fonts from the Dead Sea Scrolls.