Eingelegtes Enneagram - Gold

Eingelegtes Enneagram - Gold

Ein Symbol der Einigkeit der drei Kräfte des Universums

Verstehen Sie das Positive, das Negative und die neutralen Energien des Universums

The Enneagram symbol’s popularity is mostly due to Gurdjieff's use of it to categorize psychological and spiritual human prototypes. However, this symbol was
known since ancient times and is referred to in ancient Kabbalah books.

Three forces of the universe

The Inlaid Enneagram pendant is altered from the normal Enneagram shape (The bottom triangle is connected). The change is made to enhance the understanding of the three forces of the universe - positive, negative and neutral. This combination is symbolized by the three triangles of the Enneagram. The three forces of the universe use the geometrical laws of the 7 spheres of the seed of life to create our reality.

The Enneagram gives the wearer the true understanding of the three forces of the universe.