Silber Tatractis

Silber Tatractis

Ein Symbol des Pythagoras und der Kabbala für den kosmischen Raum

Finden Sie die Verbindung zur grundlegenden Harmonie des Kosmos

The structure (formation) in the pendant is called Tetraktis. It is a symbol used by the students of the mathematician Pythagoras that said that the whole universe is built on mathematical principles. This philosophy and this symbol appear in Judaism. The structure is made up of a triangle that is made up of ten points in ascending order from the apex. The structure represents the four elements of the ancient world – earth, air, fire, and water.

The structure of the Ten Sephirot of the Tetraktis is parallel to the Kabbalistic tree of life and represents the space and the cosmic harmony.
The first point represents the divine dimension of the void from which everything emanates.
The second line represents the first dimension - the line between two points.
The third line represents the second dimension - the three points from which a triangle is created.
The last line represents the tetrahedron, a three-dimensional triangle which can be created from the four points of the last line.

If we take the name of G-d from the Torah YHWH that represents time - the fourth dimension (was, is and will be) and we will place it in the Tetraktis, then by summing up the numerical value of the letters, we receive the number 72, which means to say the 72 names of the Creator from which everything was created.
The name appears on the pendant with one letter skipped forward. This is because that according to Jewish tradition we do not use the sacred name of God in a revealed manner.