Kosmischer Wunsch - Silberanhänger

Kosmischer Wunsch - Silberanhänger

Das Geheimnis der Schöpfung von Realität

Finde Selbsterfüllung im Text und im Symbol des Anhängers

The Cosmic Wish pendant

The wishes pendant contains the secret to creating reality by implementing the insight of cosmic unity.

My intention as the creator of this piece is to open to you, the wearer, the door to unity and understanding that everything that exists is one body, and you are a part of it. By understanding this idea and looking at the world with this understanding, you can understand your place in every process, to create wholeness in what you do and fulfill your wishes.

The magic lamp is a symbol of self-fulfillment.
On the pendant is inscribed (in Hebrew): “Go into the triangular gate to the place of the shapeless, where the true home is, only that way the created will become a creator.

The triangular gate is the relation between the creator, in the state of unity, and the created, which is the part of the creator in a state of self-unawareness, perceiving himself as separate from his surroundings. The triangular gate is the creator, the created and the creation.
The shapeless is the creator himself and the perception of time, in which we can see that all things pass. Everything changes and takes on a different shape as time passes. The person that tends to get attached has problems seeing the cosmic processes of infinite change.

The insights in the pendant allow the wearer to experience unity with the creator, to achieve self-fulfillment and his heart’s wishes.