Sonnen Talisman Silver and Gold (*Limited Edition*)

Sonnen Talisman Silver and Gold (*Limited Edition*)

A powerful talisman mentioned in many ancient writings.

To bring fire and light into your life which will result in optimism, creativity and success.

Sun Talisman Silver And Gold (*Limited Edition*)

Limited Edition! Assembled on March 24th, 2023, between 12:35 - 13:38 GMT3 Givataim Israel..

The Sun is the center of the solar system and it is the life giver and power source of this physical existence. The Sun symbol is the ultimate symbol of the Greek 'NOUS' or mind/spirit which is the driving force of the soul.
In each living being the Sun represents the core underlying energy around which all of the personality traits, needs, passions, and experiences revolve. The Sun animates our being in the physical world, the more we connect to our Sun and its powers, the more fulfilled we feel, and the more we actualize our soul through the mind/spirit intent.
The Sun talisman brings the fire and light into your life. It is a symbol of optimism, creativity and success. The Sun talisman sharpens the mind and strengthens your life force.
The Sun is the light of consciousness, therefore, invoking the Sun into our life enhances consciousness awareness and mental focus.
The Talisman is embedded with the glyph of the Sun in Gold (The Sun metal). In the center of the talisman there is the ancient magic seal of the sun and on the outer ring of the pendant is engraved the magical ‘kharakteÌ„res’ or 'alphabet' taken from the "Picatrix" (an important collection of magical texts compiled in the 10 or 11th century). The intention of the symbols is to communicate with the planetary spirit and draw its energy/astral light into the Talisman.