Shechina Famulet Gold

Shechina Famulet Gold

Designed by Nona-Lila Megged And Iris Yotvat as a sacred symbol of Shechina feminine power

Connecting you with the spirit and generosity of the Shechina

Shechina Famulet

Designed by Nona-Lila Megged & Iris Yotvat 

The female figurine raises her hands to hold the intertwined Magen David. The hands of the Shechina, the feminine face of God, are merged with the symbol expressing the balance between male and female in Judaism and other cultures.

The jewel is intended to connect you with the spirit and generosity of the Shechina.

The Feminine Amulets Series

Special Feminine Amulets, pendants and talismans, expressing feminine qualities. The Famulets represent original symbols inspired by ancient Goddess cultures and created by the artist Nona-Lila Megged.
Each Famulet is charged with positive feminine energy, contributing to your empowerment, creativity, healing, balance and oneness.