Japanese Cranes Pendant Silver

Japanese Cranes Pendant Silver

Perfect symbol of love, spirituality and happiness.

Bring the wearer a sense of spiritual love.

 Japanese Cranes Pendant

The symbol in the pendant is a known ancient Japanese Family Crest.

The Crane is one of the most ancient birds on the planet. Throughout history, the crane used as an important symbol in many cultures. The Roman and Greek myths described the cranes’ courting dance as a symbol of love, happiness and joy. The Greeks believed that the crane is a messenger of Apollo bringing the news about the coming of the spring. Throughout Asia, the crane is considered a symbol of longevity, good luck and joy.

From all the types of cranes, the most impressive one is the Japanese crane. He is the largest and has a red crown over his head. The Japanese call him “the bird of Happiness” and the Chinese call him “the Divine crane”.

The cranes' wings are a symbol of a journey to spiritual heights.

The crane pendant is a perfect symbol of love, spirituality and happiness.