Queen Alexandra Shlomzion earrings Gold

Queen Alexandra Shlomzion earrings Gold

Replica of Ancient Earrings found in Archaeological excavations in the city of David in Jerusalem. Made with Pearls and Emeralds.

Symbol of ancient beauty. Made originally by David to His Mother.

Made originally, by David to his beloved mother as a gift.
The earrings are an exact copy of earrings that were discovered in Archaeological excavations in the city of David in Jerusalem in the year 2008. The earrings that were discovered were gold earrings inlaid with emeralds and pearls. This design was customary with aristocratic families at the time of the Roman Empire between the first century BC up until the fourth century AD.

Gold jewelry inlaid with precious stones and pearls were in use throughout the Roman Empire from the Roman provinces in the east up to Britain. One of the detailed and most impressive sources of information that remains in our hands from this period are the Fayum Portraits from Egypt. These drawings that adorned the tombs of the mummies in Fayum, exhibit an entire gallery of images of the deceased wearing their best clothes and adorning expensive jewelry. It’s interesting that the images of the women from Fayum are seen adorning gold earrings and necklaces inlaid mainly with pearls and emerald, that remind us wonderfully of the earrings from the city of David, and it was recognized that they were made in the same technique.

Despite the fact that I already encountered a copy of these earrings, I decided to create my own version seeing as the previous copies included modern techniques that destroy the look and the uniqueness of the earrings. I called the earrings, Queen Alexandra Shlomzion earrings after the last queen of the free kingdom Of Judea, Shlomzion (Salome) Alexandra who ruled in the first century BC.

The earrings are offered to everyone as an original gift to our very own queen - our Mother.