Pisces Pendant Silver

Pisces Pendant Silver

Symbol of Pisces. Set with an aquamarine.

Symbol light and the beginning of creation.

The main motif in this pendant is the Seed of Life - the seven intersecting circles.

The source of this structure are the two intersecting circles known as the Vesica Pisces - the symbol of light and the beginning of creation.

It is also a symbol of the Chaldean Order, which is the ancient traditional way of ordering the seven planets as seen from Earth (Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and the Moon).

The small symbols embedded on the pendant are the ancient Egyptian lotus flower which symbolizes the solar return and rebirth, the ancient Egyptian star hieroglyph sailing through the night sky, and of course the sign of Pisces.

The pendant is set with an Aquamarine or Amethyst - the Pisces Birthstone.