Nodo di Odino

Nodo di Odino

Antico simbolo nordico di forza, coraggio e devozione

Portare coraggio e devozione nella tua vita quotidiana

The pendant is based on a design made by a designer named Kai. The design won David’s jewelry design contest.

Odin’s knot pendant is the symbol of the god Odin which appears in the Nordic mythology. The pendant is composed of three triangles joined together. Odin’s knot is based upon a well known geometric symbol called Borromean rings – structure related to geometrical mathematical equations that encompass the whole creation.

 Odin’s knot symbol represents the myth of the knowledge discovery by Odin. Odin was hanged from the world’s tree – “Yggdrasil” for nine days and nine nights and after that received the knowledge of the nine worlds.

The two ravens on the pendants represent Odin’s two ravens – Huginn ("thought") and Muninn ("memory") that show the wearer all that is in the worlds.

The pendant represents courage devotion and self-sacrifice.