Pattern di Marte - argento

Pattern di Marte - argento

A representation of the movement of Mars – The star of power

Bring power to the wearer through the symbolism behind the star of Mars

The pattern of Mars movement in relation to Earth creates the structure of a seven petal flower template which is analogous to the seven-pointed star or heptagram. The number seven and the seven-pointed star were common in the tradition of ancient wisdom and was considered sacred.

The signature and the graphic expression of Mars path carries within it its power and characteristics. In ancient times, Mars was considered to be the star of power and people turned to Mars to gain courage, fighting spirit, initiative and energy.

The talisman is made to give the wearer the power to act, even if he is restrained and held back by the people around him/her. The talisman was designed to help provide the wearer assertiveness, vitality and dynamic physical energy.

The pendant is inlaid with iron in the middle which is the metal that represents Mars. The ancients chose iron as the metal that represents Mars probably because Mars red color is derived from the large amounts of iron in its soil

David creates this talisman at specific times when Mars has the strongest and most auspicious influence.

This talisman is recommended for all those who seek the strength to stand up for themselves and to connect with their inner strength and their inner fire. This talisman is perfect for those looking for new paths, who want fresh energy, courage and the ability to achieve their goals.

The Talisman is Designer together with the Astrologer Michael Ofek.