Anello dei quattro venti - oro

Anello dei quattro venti - oro

Un simbolo per il cercatore della verità

Supera le illusioni e gli inganni del mondo per arrivare alla verità

Father of the four winds fills my sails across the sea of years

The Four winds ring is created especially for truth seekers and travellers.

The Hebrew engraving around the stone means - "Father of the four winds fill my sails across the sea of years", a sentence taken from the Led Zeppelin song - Kashmir. The font used in the engraved Hebrew letters is taken from the style used in The Dead Sea Scrolls.

On one side of the ring appears the phrase "The farther one travels the less one knows" (written in Hebrew). This phrase was taken from the book of the "Tao te ching" written by the famous ancient Chinese truth seeker Lau Tsu.

The ring is meant to remind the truth seeker of the illusions and the deceptions of the outside world: "At the end of your journey you will discover that you have never moved at all..."