Mars in Scorpio Talisman Silver (*Limited Edition*)

Mars in Scorpio Talisman Silver (*Limited Edition*)

Limited Edition was assembled on December 4th between 3:16 - 04:20 GMT+3

Rekindling passion and active persistence In one's authentic desires and actions In life

Mars in Scorpio Talisman Silver (*Limited Edition*)

Limited Edition was assembled on December 4th 2019 between 3:16 - 04:20 GMT+3

Mars has recently entered its nocturnal sign of Scorpio (19/11) which is traditionally said to be the sign he ‘rejoices’ the most (before modern astrologers decided Pluto rules Scorpio),
probably because the ancients considered him a nocturnal planet, which acts better in its nocturnal sign that mitigates his fiery eruptions. This is befitting the internal quality of this fixed water sign. In this sign, Mars is deep and intense, passionate and full of emotional stamina and continuous motivation.

At the elected time, Mars in Scorpio was crossing the horizon, rising in the east, in his own planetary hour and day! While also receiving an exact trine from the Moon (harmonious configuration). Additionally, he is also configured by a sextile (harmonious configuration) from Venus which also rules the 7 house of partners; Therefore the Talisman may also increase attraction and libidinous connections with people/partners, sexual energy and power.

This is a Talisman for igniting and directing emotional fires, it gives the power and motivation to take action in the world, connect with your internal powers, advance your goals, win your contests, gain physical and emotional power, energy and endurance, revivify sexual power, attracting and conquering any passion that guides your heart.

Talisman Components
The center of the Talisman is a Replica of an Ancient Roman coin with the symbols of Mars on it. Around the center are the magic alphabet of Mars taken from the writings of Cornelius Agrippa (1486-1535) who was the most influential writer of renaissance esoterica.