Forgiveness Ring Silver

Forgiveness Ring Silver

To Err is Human – to Forgive is Divine

Remind the wearer of the importance of forgiveness to free our hearts and let love in.

Forgiveness Ring

"To err is human – to forgive is divine."

The forgiveness ring symbolizes the importance of forgiveness.
Forgiveness is an inseparable part of love. Whether it is forgiving someone else or our selves, the ability to forgive is the highest virtue we must develop. When we forgive, we let love come into our heart, we replace anger and resentment with this love and set our heart free…

In the center of the ring appears the dove as a symbol of forgiveness. I have selected the dove because of the story of Noah, where the dove is a symbol of forgiveness of g-d to earth. The second reason is that the dove was used in ancient times as a mean of communication.

Engraved around the ring is the sentence – "To err is human – to forgive is divine".

The forgiveness ring is meant to remind the wearer of the importance of forgiveness, mainly for themselves. The forgiver releases himself from anger and resentment which grip his soul, and prevent love from entering into his space.

Great as a gift for asking forgiveness from someone we hurt.