Stella uovo della vita - argento

Stella uovo della vita - argento

Simbolo di salute, fertilità ed equilibrio

Trovare equilibrio, salute e fertilità. Rivelare il secreto della vita

The Egg of life pendant is a two-dimensional version of the shape called the Egg of Life. The shape composed of eight spheres in a way that if we draw a line between the centers, we get a three-dimensional Star of David. 

The Egg of Life shape is the shape of the multi-cellular embryo on its first hours.

The Egg of Life shape is the second stage of a structure known as the Seed of Life, before the flower of life stage. These shapes contain the mathematical/geometrical base of the creation. The Egg of life includes the whole musical world within it because the distance between the spheres gives us the tone and half-tone.

The Egg of Life pendant is used for balancehealth and as a symbol of fertility.