Sacred Waters Pendant Gold (*Limited Edition*)

Sacred Waters Pendant Gold (*Limited Edition*)

Limited Edition with Sacred Waters from the Jordan River

A powerful symbol of life, purification, and healing.

Sacred Waters Pendant Gold (*Limited Edition*)

Each one of these pendants will be symbolically "baptized" in the waters of the Jordan. The pendants also contain a small glass canister that will be filled with water from the river.

Water is the key ingredient for life on this planet, and the ancients used these sacred places for cleansing, healing, and initiation ceremonies. Several years ago I have discovered the power and healing properties of the Jordan River. Both the Jordan and it's origins such as the Banias river are magical places where one feels alive. There are ancient trees on the banks, and on this time of year, the huge fig trees are bearing fruit. That is why I used the fig tree motif for the pendant.

The three intersecting circles are a symbol of the second day of creation from the structure of the Seed of Life. It was on this day that the creator "separated the water under the expanse from the water above it. The three circles also represent the three atoms of the water molecule.

On the back of the pendant appears an engraving in original ancient Hebrew Assyrian fonts. The phrase was taken from Psalms "He will be like a tree planted by the streams of water."

In the four elements, Water represents change, flow, and adaptation. The water represents the second Chakra.

The sacred waters pendants are a powerful symbol of life, purification, and healing. It connects the wearer with the water element