Shemesh Talisman Gold

Shemesh Talisman Gold

Designed together with Dvora Pearlman. Repetitive Pattern of the Hebrew letters of the word Shemesh - Sun.

A symbol of the solar power formed in a unique way rom the Hebrew Letters.

Assemble on March 21st 2023 between 5:47-6:15 GMT3 Givataim Israel.

- -Sun Symbol ש. מ. ש

This beautiful symbol was given to me by Dvora Pearlman (who also gave me the Ahava, Shefa, and Rafa symbols). It is a unique and meaningful symbol that I've also made as a limited edition during the sunrise on the day of the Spring Equinox.

The center motif is a four-times repetitive pattern of the Hebrew letters of the word Shemesh –Sun, the solar power. There is an ancient belief that the Hebrew letters conceal the secrets and power of creation, and it is a repetitive element in Dvora's work. The three Hebrew letters of the word Shemesh are written as a waveform and are created within 12 circles representing the 12 moons in a year. The Shemesh letters are repeated four times, representing the four sun events of 2 solstices and two equinoxes in a year and in the center, one stone (of your choice) representing the earth.

The twelve intersecting circles on the outside represent the Lunar power, the moon, and the twelve months, with the ancient Hebrew names of each month written in ancient Hebrew. It is derived from the Gezer calendar - a small calendar written on a limestone tablet inscription discovered in 1908 city of Gezer, 20 miles west of Jerusalem. It was written in ancient Hebrew/Phoenician fonts. The calendar itself is from the 10th century BC and describes monthly or bi-monthly periods of agricultural activity such as harvest, planting, or tending specific crops. The ancients were connected to the movement of the Earth, the Sun, and the Moon. They, therefore, celebrated the spring Equinox as a powerful symbol of life, resurrection, perfect balance, renewal, power, and rebirth.

Therefore, this pendant is a unified symbol that connects and harmonizes all creation on our beloved earth. When we wear it, we become attuned and balanced with the Sun, Moon and Earth.

Note: This is a picture of the model. In the final design the gap between the stone and the stone holder will be closed.