Menorah Pendant Silver

Menorah Pendant Silver

An ancient symbol of universal onenessת of perfection and of a universe that emerges from one source

Bring oneness, abundance and success to wearer's life

The Menorah

In response to requests for all kinds of personal amulets and tremendous interest in Kabbalistic jewelry, I began to search for additional symbols with meaning from ancient esoteric Judaism. The Menorah is the most ancient symbol of Judaism. According to the Torah, Moshe received the symbol from G-d, while wandering in the desert. The Menorah itself was made of pure gold that is a noble metal that does not change and withstands the damages of time and therefore represents eternity. The seven branches of the Menorah represent the seven days of Creations and are directly connected to the structure of the seed of life. The seven circles that cross each other represent a mathematical geometric symbol of the universe and all of creation. The seven branches represent also the seven planets that were known in the ancient world.

This is an ancient symbol of universal oneness of perfection and of a universe that emerges from one source.

The Menorah has 7 branches. The number seven is a sacred number in Judaism and appears countless times in Jewish Mysticism and in other cultures too. In Judaism, the Shabbat (the seventh day) is a Sacred day and every seventh year is Shmita year in which it is forbidden to work the land.

The lions on the two sides of the Menorah are the ancient symbols of the tribe of Judah.

The bottom of the pendant is inlaid with the cat’s eye stone - an ancient remedy for abundance and success. You may select a different stone.