Light-Bliss Pendant Silver

Light-Bliss Pendant Silver

A symbol of sacred language received by Dvora Pearlman

Bring bliss to one's life through learning to work with light and bring into us.

 A new symbol in sacred language received by Dvora Pearlman.
The symbol is called Or-Osher (Light-Bliss).

Light is the first creation mentioned in the first chapter of the Bible - “And He said Let there be light. And there was Light”. It is order brought into chaos/darkness/potential of “All That Is”. All life stems from light, all thought, all creation. For us humans, we can only perceive returned light- light that reflects on something and then returns to us. Without reflection we cannot see, feel or know the order that light brings.

The symbol is created from the Hebrew letters of the word Or (Light) and the added letter from below- Shin, (that turns Or into Osher) serves as a reflector and container for the light. This way the Light of creation turns into Bliss. The words repeat 4 times in a circle like the 4 directions of the planet. By connecting to this sacred symbol, your being learns how to work consciously with Light and your life becomes blissful.

It's a great helper for the new times when Earth is flooded with so much light.