Drop in the Ocean - Silver and Gold

Drop in the Ocean - Silver and Gold

With the Sufi Phrase - “You are not a drop in the Ocean, you are the ocean in a drop”

Experience oneness with the universe and a reminder for your creative abilities

The pendant is designed in the shape of a drop with the Seed of Life pattern in the center. At the bottom, I’ve added an engraving that was taken from the ancient phrase that was written by the famous 13th-century mystic Sufi poet. “You are not a drop in the Ocean, you are the ocean in a drop.” I like this phrase because it emphasizes that we are not just a small part of the cosmos but the whole cosmos is actually in us. It gives you a different perspective which sees us not as many small subjects forming one universe but as one universe in many subjects...

At the top, there is the Hebrew/ Assyrian font of the letter “Pe” in the same way that it is written in the Torah. The Hebrew word “PE” literally means “mouth” and in the ancient traditions, the entire cosmos was created with God’s word. The Hebrew letter PE is written in such a way, that the missing space inside of it creates the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet, the letter “BET” which also means “house”. This is also the first letter of the bible/Genesis. Symbolically it means that the entire creation/existence is nothing but a thought, perhaps a thought pattern that can be found and recognized through symbols such as the Seed of Life and that each one of us carries the same spark and came to existence by the same one consciousness which the entire universe is her house.

The pendant is meant to inspire the wearer to experience oneness with the universe. It also serves as a powerful reminder of our endless ability of creation.