“Birthday of the World” Talisman

Birthday of the World Talisman

This Talisman was inspired by the famous renaissance Philosopher and Astrologer Marsilio Ficino. In his revolutionary work (for his times) “De Vita” (the Book of Life) published in 1489 where Ficino synthesises Medicine, Astrology and Magic, In the chapters dealing with the subject of magical Talismans he suggests a Talisman for the cosmos.


I am following Ficino’s instructions and will assemble and consecrate this Talisman when the Sun will enter Aries, As ficino explains this is considered the birthday of the world, the beginning of a new cycle. The powerful Architect and life generating force of our solar system It is, in a sense, a Talisman that encapsulates the universal image of birth and life, and it helps us tune our-self to the generating forces of life as a whole.

The Talisman is set with traditional stones ruled by the different planets:
Moon – Moonstone, Mercury – Emerald, Venus – Peridot, Sun Pink Tourmaline, Mars – Amethyst, Jupiter – Yellow Topaz, Saturn -Sapphire.

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