Symbolic Jewelry from Different Cultures

Symbolic jewelry goes as far back as 115,000 years ago in human history as evidenced by the most recent discovery of perforated and ochred marine shell beads inside a sea cave (Cueva de los Aviones) in southeast Spain. These shells were significantly more ancient but were similar to shell beads found in other archeological sites … Read more Symbolic Jewelry from Different Cultures

The Most Powerful Amulet in the World

Many people ask us what the most powerful Amulet in the world is? Some ask specifically about which of David’s design is the most powerful. We usually answer by first asking – what do you want to support in your life? Is it protection, health, success, power, status, harmony, love? Each goal will require something … Read more The Most Powerful Amulet in the World

Turquoise Jewelry

Probably one of the most recognized semiprecious gemstones that exist, Turquoise has been popular since prehistoric times. Its name comes from French: Pierre turquoise, meaning “Turkish stone”. Turquoise has been mined for eons, since 6000 B.C., if not before then. Early Egyptians wore this semiprecious gem, and many Turquoise stones have been found in their … Read more Turquoise Jewelry

Protection Amulets

In many cultures around the world, amulets were used for protection. They were considered sacred and usually based on motives from that culture. Here are some examples of protection amulets from different cultures and concepts. Egyptian protection Amulets In Egypt, the eye of Horus was considered as a protective amulet. Funerary amulets often depicted the … Read more Protection Amulets