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Working with a unique Japanese metal crafting technique – The Mokume

The Mokume Gane technique was developed in 17th century Japan, following the example of the layered metal technique found in the “katana” Samurai’s sword. The technique allows forging a metal that looks actually like wood. The literal meaning of Mokume Gane is “Metal that looks like knots in wood”. The production of Mokume is a… (read more)

The Green Stone Dream

In 1995, I had a dream that sent me looking for a mysterious green stone: “A store appeared in one of the alleys. It had a fantastic variety of artifacts including unusual stones. I asked the sales girl for a green stone named “Shamballa”. She said that they didn’t have that stone and showed me… (read more)

David’s animals

Luben, Kesem, Philipe and Banga Since childhood I was connected to nature and animals. Today I have two cats and two dogs (and of course the Discus fish).