March-April jewelry design contest winner – Odin’s knot

I’m proud to present the latest jewelry design contest winner: Odin’s knot by Kai Mock.

Here are a few words about the design:

“Odin, the cheif Norse God hung upside-down in a tree for nine days and nine nights in order to discover the Runes, the path into knowledge and prophecy for human beings, sacrificing himself for knowledge. Odin’s Knot, or the Valknut, simplified can be drawn with one stroke, making it wonderful for protection. The three triangles and nine points reference pregnancy and rebirth or reincarnation, a popular theme of nordic mythology. They also reference the nine domains encompassed in heaven, earth and hell in Nordic mythology. Also, as another from of knot, they symbolize the interconnectedness and oneness of all aspects of life. Odin’s quest and sacrifice for not only knowledge but wisdom inspires me to pursue my dreams of becoming a teacher and learn more than just facts, but learn how to think, and explore my own destiny and prophecy.

Read more the contest website.


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