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“nishmat kol chai”

Dear friendsI am thrilled to attach photos of a unique talisman that I can create personally for each one of you.It is a small vessel made out of silver.The Hebrew engraving outside says “nishmat kol chai”- meaning “the soul of all life”It refers to the Almighty the One Spirit, Source of creation and the idea… (read more)

living jewels

and let’s not forget the living jewels at the workshop-My silent friends-the Discus fish.i’m a discus fish breeder and these folks live in huge aquariums surrounding the walls of the worshop-observing everything….

Chaldean Astrology and the Seven Metal Talisman

The Chaldean order is really a hierarchy of the forces represented by celestial bodies. This order expresses itself in a timeline and is taken from the orbits of the seven visible planets, and their relative distance, therefore every one of the planets in its turn rules a stage in the linear process of time. The… (read more)