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Merkaba 14 points gold

Dear David:   Promises are meant to be kept!  Just recently arrived from Barcelona, I was anxious to send the photo you asked me for. I hope this will be useful for David’s blog. Tell me please if not. Let Sarah & me to send our best wishes for you in this 2009. The World… (read more)

Plant a tree

If there is anything we can do for the earth it is planting trees and as many as possible. We just donated another $300 from our eco jewelry mother earth project to

Conor Oberst and the Four Winds ring

Someone recently sent me a link to this article about Conor Oberst on “The Independent“. In the article Conors, a successful American singer, tells the story about his ring: “This here,” says Conor Oberst, twisting off a turquoise-encrusted piece of jewellery, “is my Four Winds ring. A mysterious stranger sent it to me. If you read the… (read more)

New Exciting Star of Magi talisman

Finally, the Star of Magi is ready. This is by far the most complexed project I have done before. Each peace requires enormous amount of work and focus.    The star of Magi is a powerful talisman using optimal zodiac-star-metal relations to bring the wearer self-development, success, strong ambition and health. Enjoy!!!

Genesa Crystal pendant

Hello David   Here are two vacation pictures.  Without my pendant  I’m not complete and it makes me proud to get so much compliments for it. This one and the ones my dear friends own are very precious to us so again thank you very much. Hope to give you some more offers from Holland…. (read more)

candlestick for the “Shabat”

Just finished a pair of candlestick for the “Shabat”.Iv’e used the images of the pair of Cherubs from the Ark Of Covenantusing some traditional ancient Egyptian elements that were used at that period people of Israel. It represents the perfect balance of creationand the male and female aspects.Enjoy.