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Angels and Demons exhibitions

I was asked by the Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem to display some of my Talismans at their store for their new exhibition “Angels and Demons” -, Jewish Magic Through The Ages;and the fascinating world of magic in Jewish tradition from the First Temple period to today. The exhibition presents amulets, khamsas, jewelry,… manuscripts, books… (read more)

Angels & Demons, Jewish Magic Through The Ages

Last week I was very busy working on artifacts for a very interesting exhibition at the “Bible Land Museum in Jeruslam”. I brought them many of my Jewish Jewelry and Kabbalah Jewelry¬†for showing at the exhibition. If you are in Israel the exhibition is starting at 5/5/2010. ¬†Click here to visit the exhibition page:

Zodiac Jewelry

The Zodiac Jewelry serie is a set of twelve pendants – one for each sign. Each sign pendant is created at a specific time when the sun is at it strongest influence on the sign. This date is only once a year for each pendant. Eachpendant contain a metal inside it according to the sign… (read more)