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Gemini pednat

Gemini pendants The zodiac pendants are rare genuine talismans. There is a basic Talisman and each month I make the specific sign talisman with the relevant Egyptian Zodiac glyphs and the metals of the sign. Each month the pendant will be made during the optimal time of high solar energy to help enhance life force… (read more)

Victory Ring

Thank you everyone for sharing your beautiful ideas regarding the “Victory ring” and pendant. Eventually I picked Mr. andrew kaminski’s phrase “Dare to be great“. I find that this sentence/short phrase really sums up everything. It reminds us that we have the full power and potential to achieve anything and it encourages u…s to fulfill… (read more)

Uranus Jewelry Pendant

Today between 05:15-06:10 I managed to create only 10 pieces of the new Uraunus pendants and to “steal” it’s power which represents rebellion freedom creativity and genius. Took one for myself so that leaves 9 for you…. The pendant will be available in few days and we will add a link