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Sun Talisman Pendant

On the 25th between 06:40 -05:54 I will assemble the new Sun talisman pendant. It’s a special talisman mentioned in many esoteric writings as a unique talisman for enhancing ones will, honor, self realization, authority, and life force …At that time the Sun will enter into it’s rulership in Leo. The different symbols are ancient… (read more)

God’s Word

  Dear David & Yaron.   Thank you for the jewel that I have received, bringing a bit of each one of you all that I wear, but union with God that unites us all together. with others across the borders of cultures, of religions. I truly believe that each of us must do everything… (read more)

Mobius Ring

Hello all, Sorry this has taken so long to get to you. These photos are the best ones. Hope you like them. Rachel loves it and wears your beautiful Mobius Ring everyday. Thank You, Many Blessings. Bella