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New Specials category and 20% off on selected items

Special 20% Discount of for new products and for Art award products Valid until 27/10/2010 (one week) This month  we have decided to run a special discount of 20% (because we celebrate the double winning)  on the new products (and their other versions) and on the American art award winners. Enjoy! Click to view all… (read more)

Karma – Ozzy story

Well here’s the rest of the story about Ozzy’s good karma; Ozzy was born with dyslexia and other learning problems.The unawareness to these problems at that time caused a brutal behavior from his teachers. As a teenager he left school at 15 and attended many jobs and even ended up in prison. However his life… (read more)

Genesa crystal with diamonds

I received a shipment of rough diamonds ;pulled my sleeves and went straight to the bench and created a small version of the glorious  Genesa Crystal. The final model will be made from gold (14k ;18k white red and yellow). In the meanwhile here’s a photo of the basic model.

AHAVA ring

This is the second ring Iv’e made according to another symbol by Dvora Pearlman. It’s another great healing symbol that I’ve made a few months ago as a pendant. The healing symbol is based on the language of the Old Testament and its holy scriptures – Hebrew. The symbol is constructed from three Hebrew letters… (read more)

Mohamad pendant in Hebrew

Now,here’s something that you will never see anywhere. Iv’e made this pendant about a week ago. It’s in Hebrew and believe it or not it is simply the name “Muhammad”. Outside the workshop there is a bakery running by Arabs-actually they are from East of Jerusalem and they are Palestinians. During the past few months… (read more)

Finished Mercury pendant

This is the finished Mercury pendant that was made on the 27 this month between 5:36 – 06:14 and 12:37 – 13:10 .I assembeled about 30 talismans and some of you already preordered some so I do hope that you will find this talisman powerful and useful. Mercury pendant