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A Sketch for a Friend

Here’s a sketch of a piece iv’e made for my friend Noam Rapaport who is a great friend and an excellent musician.Noam and I are huge fans of 70’s prog rock so in the diagram the N and R initials were taken fron King Crimson’s Lizard.Inside the capital N ther’s the Yes logo and on… (read more)

Discount coupon of 15% – 7696RE6K

Discount coupon of 15% – 7696RE6K Valid until the 24th of December 2010 We are providing a 15% discount on all our products for the upcoming holiday season. To receive the discount, add products to the shopping cart and then click on the link in the shopping cart named – “I have a coupon” and… (read more)

The Famulet Series

The previous month, I embarked on a fascinating journey to the ancient past. Due to two amazing women, I was privileged to have an encounter with the power, the wisdom and the love of the female aspect of creation. The first woman is Nona Lila Meged, artist, creator of amulets, statues, vessels and paintings in… (read more)

The Great Mother Ring

This ring represents compassion, and wisdom. This ring is dedicated to Mother Earth and to life itself. The ring represents the source of life, and the three precious stones or “fruit” represent the three balancing powers of the Universe and “The Three Gems” which represent the three basic principles of Buddhism. The leaves represent the… (read more)

Scorpio Pendant

The Zodiac sign pendant series The Scorpio Amulet This month we made a Scorpio Amulet .it was created on the 2th of November between 6:32 and 7:15. The metal inside is iron which is the metal of Scorpio zodiac. Scorpio Pendant

The Second Famulet

Here’s the second “Famulet” -Took a photo of the “almost” finished basic motif in this design that I made according to the design by Iris Yotvat and Nona Lila-Megged.Enjoy!