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The Lovers

Here’s another treat for you! It’s a nother one of Karyn Easton’s Tarot cards that my brother just finished to engrave. And this one is “The Lovers” and it will be part of our Valentin’e day special offer next week.

Genesa Crystal – the Video

We just uploaded a new movie to ka gold’s yourtube channel of the making of the small Genesa crystal with rough diamond. To see the final product you may go to Genesa Crystal with rough Diamons page. Find more at our Genesa Crystal page

Powerful Mars Talisman

Powerful Mars Talisman Razor sharp astrology tool for those who need the Energy to move mountains…The planet Mars is soon to enter Capricorn, the sign of its exultation. This is the time that Mars is very powerful, Capricorn balances and regulates its energy in the most productive and disciplined way. Mars Talisman SilverFlames in 14k… (read more)

Jupiter Pendant – The Movie

Jupiter Pendant Last January, I made a limited edition Jupiter Talisman that was sold out within 48 hours and many of you who wished to purchase it, were left disappointed. That specific talisman could only be made once in 12 years (the time of Jupiter’s entrance into Pisces,) so we have waited for a special… (read more)

Mars Talisman

The Mars TalismanHere’s another collaboration between astrologer Michael ofek and me, your humble cosmic jeweler.The talisman is specially made for the entrance of planet Mars to Capricorn, the sign of its exultation and was assembled on December the 23rd between 08:11-08:35 and some more pendants will be assembled on January the 11th between 06:47-07:20This is the… (read more)

Finished Prog Rock Piece

Here’s the finished piece Iv’e made for my friend -the brilliant musician-Noam Rapaport. It’s a tribute to the great Prog Rock british bands of the 70’s.The piece of wood is actually a 100 years old piece of british Oak froman old railway station in Jordan..