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A Japanese Cranes Tsuba

A Japanese Cranes Tsuba. The Tsuba is actually the hand shield from the Samurai swords. In the 17-18th century when there were periods of peace in Japan, the Tsuba, like the Samurai sword itself, became a decorational symbol used in various ceremonies. Skilled Artists and jewelers produced breathtaking models according to demand. The Tsuba reflected… (read more)

The new Rebel Ring

Here is the new Rebel Ring – a story of 2000 years… Rebels Ring Silver The Rebels Ring Silver intention: inspires and encourage rebelling against convention, and promote the quest for freedom and self-actualization

Rebels Ring & Pendant

The winds of protest and revolution that are blowing around in the world these days have not passed me over as well. A couple of weeks ago, a friend of the family who is also an antique collector came for a visit to my workshop. He came with a few ancient Jewish coins and asked… (read more)