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New Ring

Iv’e forged this ring from iron few days ago. Iv’e decided to create a similar ring in silver and gold and keep it’s rough form. It’s my idea for a wedding band since each edge (the organic style spiral) represents the individual who keeps his own identity and will but at the same time has… (read more)

Ka Gold ring

Here’s the new unfinished Ka Gold ring. It is the basic pattern of the Seed Of Life-the basic pattern of creation and existence. It will be made from oxidize silver and the top will be gold with diamonds. Enjoy!

Father’s Day Jewelry

For me, celebrating father’s day is a showing of appreciation and gratitude to the one who showed me the ropes. Father’s are the backbone of the family, they are the steady source of security and guidance in our family lives. I have created a collection of jewelry suitable for father’s day gift. Here are some… (read more)