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New “I” ring

The new “I” ring is a collaboration with my young brother Jonathan who is a fantastic designer and hand engraver. The ā€œIā€ wisdom ring. The ā€œIā€ wisdom ring is based on my favorite life changing book and one of the best books ever written – the book of Tao, attributed to the Chinese philosopher Lao… (read more)

Equilibrium ring

I have created this ring as a symbol of power passion and commitment. It was my idea for a wedding band since each edge (the organic style spiral) represents the two individuals in a relationship maintaining his/her identity while keeping strong and powerful mutual basis. The original model was forged from iron and was hammered… (read more)

The Ka Ring Earrings and Pendant

Ka Ring Gold and Silver Ka Ring Gold with Ka Ring Silver with with Gemstones Gemstones Zircons The basic motif in this jewelry is the basic structure of The Seed of Life. The seven intersecting circles creating this pattern contains the blueprint of creation; as also the mathematical and geometrical laws of the cosmos. This… (read more)

New Ka Ring

I know many of you have been waiting impatientley for the new Ka Ring so here it is straight from the Ka Gold cosmic oven! It is available now in different combinations according to your requests. I made different versions of it in silver, silver and gold, gold and you can purchase it with ruby,… (read more)