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The Little Sister Guitar

Finished the Little Sister Guitar prototype. This special instrument is acombination of my favorite instruments from the 1920-1950’s. It is named after my second daughter. It sounds amazing and can be played only at midnight. See you at the crossroads! special thanks to Gil Ovadya and Jacob Algranati!

The Mayan World Tree

Finished the basic model for “The Mayan World Tree” which will be ready next month for what many of you believe will shift our consciousness. The Mayan World Tree (known as The Crocodile Tree) is the Mayan and ancient South American ancient cultures depiction of our universe and the different worlds and the way they… (read more)

Israel is under attack!!

Dear friends and associates from around the world. I met each one of you in different circumstances – either business or pleasure. I sit here in Israel and face how a country uses it’s right to defend itself and it’s people. I am truly sad facing the news from outside of Israel showing people from… (read more)