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Mayan World Tree – Yod Formation

Just finished to assemble the new Mayan World Tree pendants for all of you out there. It was done between 12:45-13:35 during the “Yod formation” between Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter. A Yod formation is an interesting alignment of planets, which looks like a a pointed triangle. This formation is sometimes called the “finger of fate”… (read more)

Mayan World Tree – Gold

Here’s the finished gold model of the Mayan World Tree. I will assemble a limited edition of this talisman in gold, gold and silver and silver. It will be made on December the 21st during the time of the “Yod” formation between Saturn Pluto and Jupiter-here’s a brief explanation. Astrologically speaking, this date is very… (read more)

Gifts for People in Need Project

Gifts for People in Need Project Today we are launching a new project for the upcoming Holidays. We offer 30 items for people in need who cannot afford our jewelry. If you or someone you know is in need for an inspiring symbol or a powerful reminder that will help you to gain strength hope… (read more)