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The Victory Ring

The Victory Ring – 14k rose gold set with a sapphire. This ring was made as a symbol of inspiration so that one can find the power and will to achieve any goal. The Laurel wreath around the ring is the ancient symbol of victory which was awarded to the winners in the ancient Olympics…. (read more)

“OSHER” pendant

Another experimentation with a symbol brought to me by Dvora Pearlman. The symbol is actually contains two words in Hebrew. Each corner of the pendant has the Hebrew word “OR”-Light; and at the bottom of this word there is the letter “Sheen” (the one that looks like a pitchfork) which creates with the letters of… (read more)

New Menorah Pendant

The first stage of creating a new pendant based on an antique 19th century paper cut of the Menorah from the temple in Jerusalem. The seven branches of the Menorah represents the seven circles of The Seed Of Life and creation itself and it is one of the most ancient symbols in Judaism.