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The Tree Of Love Pendant Video The Tree Of Love pendant video. Enjoy! Tree of Love pendant The image of the branches and the roots hides within it the ancient Yin Yang symbol. The Yin Yang is an ancient Asian philosophical outlook that sees polar opposites or opposite powers as powers that complete and define each other. Opposite powers constitute… (read more)

Soundtrack for the Lunar Phases Talisman Video

Working on a soundtrack for the Lunar Phases Talisman video. I’ve played Bert Jansch’s “Moonshine” for this video with a 1920’s Oscar Schmidt Stella Guitar which is one of my favorite guitars. These were cheap guitars (usually made out of birch like this one) that were used and favored by many famous bluesmen through the… (read more)

Sacred Geometry Art

I have found a very nice website about Sacred Geometry Art. The website displays artists like Anna Kumashov, Ellen Vaman, Jetter Green, Paola Gonzalez and many more.   Enjoy. David

Dune Ring Finished a “Dune Ring”- That which submits rules…. The Dune ring is inspired by the book Dune, authored by Frank Herbert. The translation of the Hebrew phrase engraved on the ring is: “That which submits rules” – A line taken from the book. These words hold the secret to true human enlightenment. The hawk… (read more)